Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BlueWorx for?

BlueWorx is an app built for enterprises on SAP who need to manage and inspect their assets, whether in factories or out in the field.

Can I use BlueWorx to regulate inspections for my assets?

Yes, BlueWorx includes fully configurable inspections that give you the power to decide what information is collected and what checks are performed.

Will BlueWorx help me keep accurate records of inspections made?

Yes, BlueWorx handles the updates in SAP resulting from inspections. This gives you a record of all inspections in your SAP system. These records can be valuable in proving your operations compliance to the relevant standards and regulations that apply.

Will I need to purchase new devices for my team to use BlueWorx on?

No, BlueWorx is supported on all leading hardware whether they are iOS, Android, Windows 10 or desktop and HTML5 compliant browsers (online connection required).

Can I stay on-premise with BlueWorx when SAP Work Manager goes out of support in 2022?

Yes, with BlueWorx, you can remain on-premise and install our application within your SAP ECC, S/4HANA or NetWeaver environment with no additional hardware needed.

How does BlueWorx differ from traditional SAP work management?

The BlueWorx process saves a lot of time compared to traditional SAP work management. Delays while employees are returning to the office, and potentially submitting and completing paperwork are eliminated.

Is it easy to use BlueWorx?

Yes, BlueWorx uses the Fiori® interface with more functionality and features than before. Company administrators find it easy to tailor their specific asset management practices, and the inspection and maintenance processes are easy for users in front of the asset to follow.

Will BlueWorx work where there is no internet connection?

Yes, BlueWorx continues to function offline, so it’s perfect for remote areas or buildings without connectivity. When your device reconnects to the internet BlueWorx then updates the system with the collected data.

Will I need to install new servers to run BlueWorx?
No, there is no requirement for additional servers or ‘black box’ technology. All you need is: 

  • An SAP ERP system (ERP 6+ or S/4HANA*) 
  • Neptune Software’s SAP Certified Add-On 
  • BlueWorx Installation in your SAP ERP system* 

*SAP Gateway system or SAP Mobile Platform can optionally be used in the deployment architecture as required. 

What technology does BlueWorx use?

The underlying technology used by BlueWorx is SAP ABAP for the backend logic, JavaScript for the front-end logic and SAPUI5 (Fiori®) for the look and feel. All from a single code base controlled from within your SAP ERP system.

Can BlueWorx help me manage the workload and capacity of my team?

Yes, BlueWorx Crew is an optional component that facilitates the scheduling and monitoring of workloads across your team. With Crew you can manage your workforce tactically, prioritising tasks and matching work to capacity on the fly.


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